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  Elena I. Yaroslavtseva
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Elena I. Yaroslavtseva

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Elena I. Yaroslavtseva


 ResearcherID: U-8911-2018

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Year and place of birth


March, 8, 1954. Village Chemy, Novosibirsk Region.





Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, department of philosophy, 1980.



Academic degree


PhD of philosophy, 1991.  Leningrad State University.


Academic title

Associate Professor with a specialization in ontology and gnoseology.

Full Member of the Peter Academy of Science and Art.


Area of scientific interest

Methodological problems of research of man as a complex self organizing system. Using of synergetic approach for research flexibility of communications. Development of criteria for ethical-humanitarian expertise  of interactive network-based communication. Solving of health risk issues; development of  trainings for stable balance of organism. Creating of education curriculum using multimedia technologies.


Professional Activity

 Researcher, methodologist, educator. Experience and competence in areas of methodic and psychology of education.


Teaching courses

  •  Philosophy of education and science
  • New information technologies in science and education
  • Legal science
  • Sociology
  • Theories of modern natural science.
  • Conflictology



Last Book
  • Gorelov A.A., Filipenok S.A., Yaroslavtseva E.I. Creativity, Human Being, Science. M.: IPH RAS, 2018. - 101 p.


Main articles

  • Yaroslavtseva Elena I. Human as the problem of human - the experience of the observer and the participant // Institute of Human. The idea and reality / Ed. edited by G. L. Belkina; Ed.-comp. M. I. Frolov. – Moscow: LENAND, 2018. 348с. P. 241-252.

  • Yaroslavtseva Elena I. Digital mobility and cultural allusions // Historical turns of culture: collection of scientific articles / ed. and comp. O. N. Astafyeva. - M.: "Publishing House "Consent", 2018. - 494 p. P. 468-478.

  • Yaroslavtseva Elena I. Human autopoeisis in digital format // Human, №1, 2018. DOI: 10.7868/S0236200718020104

  • Yaroslavtseva Elena I. The phenomenon of the digital Humanities and humanitydimension of science // Philosophy of Creativity. 4th Issue. Images of Creativity in the variety of social-cultural practices. / Smirnova M. N., Beskova I. A. – eds. - Moscow, IIntell, 2018.

  • Yaroslavtseva Elena I.Science as a game of natural intelligence // Observatory of culture. 2018. Vol. 15, № 4. P. 402-412. DOI: 10.25281 / 2072-3156-2018-15-4-402-412.

  • Yaroslavtseva Elena I. Network perspectives. Capabilities of man in a digital world. Human IT: Collective monography / S.V. Kuvshinov, E.I. Yaroslavtseva. – Moscow area, Shelkovo: Ontoprint, 2011 – 218 pages  with illustrations.

  • Yaroslavtseva Elena I. Interactivity of digital communicstions and experimental thendensies in contemporary education. – Magazine “Sociology of education” , № 8, 2011, p. 43-53. 

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  • Yaroslavtseva Elena I. Training of communications by kinesiology exercises. Training development. Moscow.: MSOU, 2005, 44 p.