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Head of the Department – Alexander Pavlov


In soviet period researchers were grouped in the department of historical materialism, that was focused on the Marxist Philosophy of History.  In 1978 sector of Methology of social cognition was devided from that one.  The head of the new department was professor V.V.Denisov (DSc in Philosophy), then V.G.Fedotova (DSc in Philosophy).

Sector of the historical materialism was itself reorganized in the department of Social philosophy, and was leaded by professor Y.K.Pletnikov (DSc in Philosophy), professor A.S.Panarin (DSc in Philosophy). After death of A.S.Panarin the department of social philosophy was reunite with the department of Methology of social cognition, with the former name – Department of social philosophy. From 2014 to 2016 the department was headed by V.A. Kolpakov (DSc in Philosophy). Since the end of 2016, the department is headed by A.V. Pavlov (PhD in law).


Basic research directions

  • Socio-philosophical analysis of the phenomenon of revolution
  • Socio-philosophical analysis of popular culture
  • Histories and theories of modernization
  • Historic dynamics of capitalism and alternative conceptions of social development (marxism, neo-marxism, post-marxism)
  • Megatrends of social development and forecasting of future
  • Human factor in the context of modernization
  • Conflicts, risks, threats, challenges and safety
  • Methodology of social-humanitarian sciences
  • Russian philosophy of history

Department's planned theme in 2017-2019 Social trends and changing images of modernity in the 21st century

The main result of the study is a systematic presentation of the social trends of the 21st century and the changing images of the modernity, predictions for the future and analysis of problem points that need to be solved.

The results of the research will be presented in one book and several articles. The book analyzes, from the socio-philosophical standpoint, how the world is changing and what contours the modernity takes in the near future.

On April 14, 2017, the conference "Philosophy of Revolutions and Global Trends of Modernity" was held at the State University "Dubna" within the framework of the planned research topic. The conference was organized by the faculty of social and humanitarian sciences of the State Institution "Dubna" and by the sector of social philosophy of the Institute of Philosophy RAS.

Department's planned theme in 2012-2014

  • Social-philosophical analysis of modernizations’ histories and theories.


The scientific direction of the Institute of Philosophy RAS

  • Social philosophy and development of civil society in Russia. Supervisor: DSc in Philosophy, Professor Fedotova V. G.


The subject of scientific research of the departement: Socio-philosophical analysis of the histories and theories of modernization.

There is an institute seminar within the framework of the scientific direction - "Social Philosophy and the Development of Civil Society in Russia".

The goal of the seminar is to consider the potential of society in the implementation of the project of a democratic and civil society. Supervisor: DSc in Philosophy, Professor Fedotova V. G.


Research fellows



Publications of the department

Monographs (in Russian)


Collective works (in Russian)



Recent papers (in Russian) 

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International Relations

Department maintains long-term relations with universities and research centers of Vietnam, China, Latvia, Norway, USA, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland.


Cooperation with scientific journals, universities and research centers

The scientific results of the sector are published in leading scientific journals in Russia:  Voprosy filosofii [Questions of philosophy]; Filosofskie nauki [Philosophical sciences]; Philosophical and literary magazine "Logos"Gosudarstvo, religiya, Cerkov' v Rossii i za rubezhom [State, religion, Church in Russia and abroad; Policy]; Polis; Vestnik RAN [Bulletin of the RAS]; Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta. Seriya 7: Filosofiya; Filosofiya i kul'tura [Bulletin of Moscow University. Series 7: Philosophy; Philosophy and culture]; Mir peremen [The world of changes]; Filosofiya i obshchestvo [Philosophy and society]; Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie. [Knowledge. Understanding. Skill]

Joint work in form of round tables, conferences and research projects is conducted with the Moscow State University, MGIMO, MPGU, the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences.





Contact information

Adress: Goncharnaya 12/1, Moscow, 109240, Russian Federation

Tel.: 7(495)697-98-93