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Andrey Smirnov

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Andrey Smirnov



in 1981 from the College of Afro-Asian Studies affiliated to the Moscow State University, Department of Arabic





in 1989 at the Institute of Philosophy. The Ph.D. thesis under the title ‘The Philosophical Views of Ibn ‘Arabī’ is a systematic exposition of Ibn ‘Arabī’s philosophical doctrine. Published in 1993 as a book, with the first full Russian translation of Fuṣūṣ al‑Ḥikam.



Doctor of Sciences


in 1998 (Institute of Philosophy) for thesis ‘Sense Generating Procedures in Classical Islamic Philosophy’, later enlarged and reworked into a volume published in 2001 under the title ‘Logic of Sense. Theory and its application to the study of classical Arab culture’. 

  • Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2016
  • Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2006



NIAS (Netherland Institute for Advanced Studies), 2-month fellowship programme, March-April 1997, Wassenaar, the Netherlands


Current position

  • Director of the Institute, Institute of Philosophy under the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Head, Department of Philosophy of Islamic World, Institute of Philosophy under the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Head, Division of Oriental Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, Russian State University for Humanities
Courses in Moscow State University, State University for Humanities (Moscow) and Novgorod State University (Veliki Novgorod)
  • Classical Arab philosophy
  • Islamic ethics
  • Sufism and Islamic culture
  • Arab philosophy: texts and interpretation
  • Arabic language and Islamic doctrine

10 books and a number of articles in Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, English, Italian, Japanese, Persian, and Russian. Contributed to the 'New Philosophical Encyclopaedia', 'Dictionary of Ethics' and 'World Around Us' encyclopaedia (in Russian)



Detailed list of publications with downloadable texts at Russian and English personal pages






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