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  Valeriya V. Sleptsova
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Valeriya V. Sleptsova


Valeriya V. Sleptsova

Date and Place of birth

1988, Bishkek

ORCID: 0000-0002-4490-4066

ResearcherID: V-1873-2018 

RSCI Author ID:991170 


  • Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University, 2012




  • Ph.D., Moscow State University, May 2016



  • Research Fellow, 2017 – present


Scientific interests

  • Philosophy of Religion, Atheism, Modern Philosophy of Judaism


  • Grimm S. (transl. by V.V.Sleptsova) Logika mistitsizma (The Logic of Mysticism). In Philosophy of Religion: Analytic Researches. 2018, vol.2, no.1. P.67-81.
  • Sleptsova V.V. The Tetragrammaton and 20-th Century Philosophers. In Philosophy of Religion: Analytic Reseachers. 2017, vol.1, no.1. P. 148-153.
  • Sleptsova V.V. Anglo-American Freethinking in XIX – early XX cent. and Its Adoption in XXI cent. In Barashkov V.V., Damte D.S., Panin S.A.(eds) At the Source of Religious Studies: On the History of Religious Studies of the 19th and the first half of the 20th Centuries. Moscow: LENAND, pp. 196–224.
  • Sleptsova V.V.Theological Critique of The «New Atheism». In St. Tikhon's University Review. Theology. Philosophy. Religious Studies. 2016. Vol. 3 (65). P. 112-125
  • Sleptsova V.V.Prospects of “New Atheism” Development. In Historical, Philosophical, Political and Law Sciences, Culturology and Study of Art. Issues of Theory and Practice. 2015. no 12. part 4. P. 167-171.
  • Sleptsova V.V.Philosophical Origins and Characteristics of the "New Atheism". In Study of Religion(Religiovedenie), 2015. Vol. 3. P. 77-85
  • Sleptsova V.V. . «New atheism» as a phenomenon of modern freethinking. In Moscow University Bulletin. Series 7. Philosophy 2015, no 1, P. 107-118
  • Sleptsova V.V.Some features of Sam Harris’s criticism of religion. In Study of Religion(Religiovedenie), 2014, Vol. 4. P.101-110

Conference Presentations (selected)

  • The Third Congress of Russian Scholars of Religion: “Academic Research and Conceptualization of Religion in 21 century: Traditions and New Challenge”, 2016 (Vladimir).
  • Contemporary Issues of Religious Studies 2015 (Moscow)
  • Lomonosov-2014, 2014 (Moscow)