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  Mikhail V. Shpakovskiy
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Mikhail V. Shpakovskiy

Mikhail V. Shpakovskiy

Date and Place of birth


1995, Saint Petersburg


  • Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University, 2019



  • Junior Research Fellow, 2019 - present


Scientific interests

  • Patristics (especially Ancient Russian Patristics), Medieval Cosmology and Intellectual Culture, Analytic Philosophy and Theology.


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  • Shpakovskiy M. Triadology of Joseph Volotsky. In n St. Tikhon's University Review. Theology. Philosophy. Religious Studies. 2019. Iss. 85. P. 52-70. DOI: 10.15382/sturI201985.52‒70.
  • Shpakovskiy M. Philosophical roots of the mystical experience of Eleazar of Anzer and archpriest  Avvakum. In Solovyev studies. 2018. Vol. 1(57). P. 183.
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