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Department of the Philosophical Studies of Ideological Processes

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Head of the Department – Alexander Rubtsov, Ph.D.


Main research areas:

  • Theory of ideology, ideological processes, techniques of ideological influence.
  • Public consciousness: functioning and dynamics.
  • Contemporary world trends and their reflection in public conscience: Russian context.
  • Culture, science and education in actual social consciousness.
  • History of liberal ideas in Russia.
  • Civil society in post-soviet Russia.




Major publications:

Philosophy and Ideology: from Marx to postmodernity / Ed. by A.A. Guseynov, A.V. Rubtsov, sel. by A.V. Rubtsov. Moscow: Progress-Tradition, 2018. 464 p. 


Practical Ideology: On the way to analytics of ideological processes in political and socio-cultural reality. M.: IP RAS, 2016.


Ideas and Numbers: The grounds and criteria for evaluating the impact of philosophical and socio-humanitarian studies. M.: Progress-Traditoion, 2016. (2-nd edition)

Ideology and Processes of Social Modernization. (Ed. T.Lyubimova) М.: Academia, 2013. 


  • Roubtsov A. Metaphisics of Power. M. Ridero, 2016.
  • Rubtsov A.V. Russian Identity and the Challenge of Modernization. M.: INSOR, 2009.
  • Rubtsov A., Bogoslovsky S. Megaproject for Russia: ideology, politics, economics. M.: Sotsium, 2007.
  • Lyubimova T.B. Infinite Maze. M.: MAXPress. 2008.
  • Shcherbatova I.F. Vladimir Pecherin: the Pilgrim of Freedom. M.: IP RAS, 2018. (PDF)
  • Shcherbatova I.F. Nikolai Novikov in Russian Culture. M.: Progress-Traditsiya, 2011.
  • Shcherbatova I.F. M.M.Speransky. Russian Reformer. M., 2001. (in co-authorship)
  • Syrodeeva A.A. Potency of the Small. M.: Vost.Lit. 2012. (PDF)
  • Syrodeeva A.A. Multicultural education: a training manual. M.: MIROS, 2001.
  • Syrodeeva A.A. World of the Small. Describing the locality. M.: IP RAS. 1994. (PDF)


A series by Tatyana Lyubimova. Translation of and comments on the books by René Guénon:

  • Formes traditionelles er cycles cosmiques. – in Russian. M., 2012
  • Les États multiples de l’Être. – in Russian. M., 2012
  • Le Règne de la quantité et les signes des temps. – in Russian. M., 2011
  • La Grande Triade – in Russian. M.: Belovodie. 2010
  • Aperçus sur L’Initiation  – in Russian. M.: Belovodie. 2010
  • Le Symbolisme de la croix. – in Russian. M., 2008
  • Orient et Occident. – in Russian. M. 2005
  • L’Esotérism de Dante. – in Russian. M., 2003
  • Études sur l’Hindouisme. – in Russian. M. 2003




Address: Room 518, Goncharnaya 12/1, Moscow, 109240, Russian Federation

Tel.: (495) 697-01-63