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Conferences, organized by the Department of the Theory of Knowledge

  • On November 5-6, 2019, the first Stepin's readings were held at the Institute of philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Conference with international participation "Modern stage of science development and crisis of technogenic civilization". Lectorsky V. A. - Deputy Chairman of the programme Committee, co-head of the section. Trufanova E. O.- co-head of the section. Website:
  • On October 31, 2019, there took place the 100th (anniversary) meeting of the research seminar of the Institute of philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences "Ontology of science".
  • Round table “Can scientific creativity be measured?” (October 15th, 2013) 
  • International Conference "Problems and Discussions in Russian Philosophy of the second half of the twentieth century: contemporary view" (September 20th-22th, Moscow)
  • Russian scientific conference "The Problem of Consciousness in the Interdisciplinary Perspective" (March 29th-30th, Moscow)
  • Scientific conference “Epistemology: New Horizons” (June 2010)
  • Conference with international participation on the problems of constructivism “Constructivism in Epistemology and Human Sciences” (October 2007)
  • Interdisciplinary Conference “Modern Cognitivism: Philosophy and Cognitive Science”  with the participation of philosophers, logicians, psychologists, sociologists, specialists in ethics (December 2004)
  • International Conference, dedicated to the philosophical ideas of Academy Member B.M.Kedrov (on the 100th Anniversary) (December 2003) 

Conferences, organized together with the Department of the Theory of Knowledge

  • Section of the theory of knowledge at the IV Russian Philosophy Congress (May 2005)  
  • Interdisciplinary conference “Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence” (V.A.Lektorsky – co-chairman of the conference organizing committee) (January 2005)