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Conferences, organized by the Department of the Theory of Knowledge

  • Round table “Can scientific creativity be measured?” (October 15th, 2013) More information>>
  • International Conference "Problems and Discussions in Russian Philosophy of the second half of the twentieth century: contemporary view" (September 20th-22th, Moscow)
  • Russian scientific conference "The Problem of Consciousness in the Interdisciplinary Perspective" (March 29th-30th, Moscow)
  • Scientific conference “Epistemology: New Horizons” (June 2010)
  • Conference with international participation on the problems of constructivism “Constructivism in Epistemology and Human Sciences” (October 2007)
  • Interdisciplinary Conference “Modern Cognitivism: Philosophy and Cognitive Science”  with the participation of philosophers, logicians, psychologists, sociologists, specialists in ethics (December 2004)
  • International Conference, dedicated to the philosophical ideas of Academy Member B.M.Kedrov (on the 100th Anniversary) (December 2003) 

Conferences, organized together with the Department of the Theory of Knowledge

  • Section of the theory of knowledge at the IV Russian Philosophy Congress (May 2005)  
  • Interdisciplinary conference “Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence” (V.A.Lektorsky – co-chairman of the conference organizing committee) (January 2005)