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  Stanislava A. Filipenok
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Stanislava A. Filipenok


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 Researcher ID: U-8952-2018

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Date and place of birth

Born in 1987 in Moscow





2009 – Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Philosophy.



Academic Degrees


December 2013 – Ph.D. in Philosophy, Dissertation «Personal Knowledge as a Problem of Epistemology», Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences.



Fields of research

      Philosophy of Creativity, Epistemology, Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Sciences


Professional appointments

  • Since 2016 – Junior Research Fellow, Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • Since 2019 – Research Fellow, Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Science.


Research projects 

  • "Phenomenology of Meaning: Cognitive Analysis", participant of the collective research project, 2013-2015i
  • “Innovative Complexity: Methodological, Cognitive and Social Aspects”, Russian Foundation for Humanities-Byelorussian Foundation for Basic Research, participant of the collective research project, 2011-2013.

International Scientific Participation:

  • International scientific conference "Social Anthropology: Integration of Sciences". Moscow, October, 12, 2017.
  • The First All-Russian Scientific conference "Philosophy of Creativity", Moscow, April, 8-9, 2015. Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • International scientific congress "Globalistics-2009: Ways of Surmounting of Global Crisis and Models fof a New World Order", Moscow, May, 20-23, 2009.


Gorelov A.A., Filipenok S.A., Yaroslavtseva E.I. Creativity, Human Being, Science. M.: IPH RAS, 2018. - 101 p.

Contribution to research books published


  • Filipenok S.A.  Construction of Personal Meanings as Basis of Creativity // Philosophy of Creativity. Issue 3. Creativity and World Life of Human / Edited by N.M. Smirnova, I.A. Beskova. M.: IIntell, 2017. P. 238-254. ISBN 978-5-88373-056-5;
  • Filipenok S.A. Anthropological Discourse as Reflection of Culture // Social Anthropology: Integration of Sciences. M.: FGBOU VO "REU im. G.V. Plekhanova", 2017. P. 158-162. ISBN 978-5-7307-1259-1;


  • Filipenok S.A. Personal Knowledge as a Factor of Scientific Creativity // Philosophy of Creativity. 2nd Issue. Cognitive and Sociocultural Dimensions / Smirnova N.M., Maidanov A.S., eds. M.: IInteLL, 2016. P. 196-204.
  • Filipenok S.A. The complexity of a Personal Experience // Innovative Complexity. SPb.: Aletheia, 2016. P. 333-354;
  • Filipenok S.A. The Personal Knowledge and the Creation // Philosophy of creativity. M.: IIntell, 2015. P 305-311;


  • Filipenok S.A. M. Polanyi`s Concept of Personal Knowledge in Modern Philosophical Problems: New Epistemological Approaches // TSPU Bulletin. 2013. 5 (133). P. 92-98.
  • Filipenok S.A. The Personal Experience in the Creative Process. The Epistemological Analysis // Epistemology of Creativity. M.: Canon+, 2013. P. 272-288.
  • Filipenok S.A. Personal Knowledge and Personal Experience in the Process of Self-Consciousness // Philosophy and Culture. 2012. № 11 (59). P. 109-119.
  • Filipenok S.A. Notion of Personal Knowledge in Jean Piaget`s Conception // Evolutionary Epistemology: the Modern Discussions and Trends. M.: IPH RAS, 2012. P. 137-151.