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Yulia V. Hen

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Yulia V. Hen

Year and Birthplace


1957, Moscow





Moscow State University, Faculty of Philosophy, 1984



Academic Degrees

  • Doctor of Philosophical Sciences,thesis "Philosophical Analysis of Eugenic Conception". RAS Institute of Philosophy, 2005.
  • Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, thesis "Problems of Death in Context of Bioethics", RAS Institute of Philosophy, 1994.
 Sphere of Scientific Interests

Philosophy of Biology


Professional Activity

Chief Researcher of Bio- and Echophilosophy Centre, RAS Institute of Philosophy


Research Projects

  • Death Idea in Russian Mentality. Grant RFH (Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund),  1995-1997
  • Eugenics in Discourse of Global Modern Problems. Grant RFH, 2002-2004

Scientific Publications

  • Russian Religious Philosophy versus Satanism in XX. // "Philosophy of Russian Cosmism". Moscow, 1996.
  • R.Karpinskaya as the Scientific Leader // "Philosophy of Biology: Yesterday, Today Tomorrow". Moscow, 1996.
  • Satanism in Strategies of Surviving // "Strategy of Surviving: Cosmism and Ecology". Moscow, 1997.
  • Biofilia and Problem of Death // "Biophilosophy". Moscow, 1997.
  • Modern Myths about Death //"Death Idea in Russian Mentality". St. Petersburg, 1999.
  • Euthanasia of Defective Individuals//"Bioethics. Problems and Perspectives". Moscow, 1997.
  • Value of Life as the Problem of Applied Ethics// "Life as Value". Moscow, 2000.
  • Eugenic Project for Making People Healthier// "Philosophy of Health". Moscow, 2001
  • Problem of Evil in Esoterics of Postmodernism//"Discourses 0f Esoterics. Philosophical Analysis. Moscow, 2001.
  • Eugenic Project: pro and contra. Moscow, 2003.
  • Biology and Culture: Peculiarities of Interaction // "Biology and Culture. Moscow, 2004.
  • Last and Future of Eugenic Idea //Eugenics in Discourse of Global Modern Problems. Moscow, 2005.
  • Theory and Practice of Human "Breed" Improvement // "Voprosy Filosofii" (Problems of Philosophy), №.5, 2006
  • Eugenics: Founders and Successors // "Chelovek"(Human Being), № 6, 2006.
  • Unknown Pages of Russian Eugenics // "Vestnik RAN", № 7, 2006.
  • Improving the Human "Race" as a Problem of Eugenics (History, Attemps at Substantiation, Practice // "Social Sciences", № 3, 2006.
  • Ethic and Natural Scientific Status of Discipline: Eugenics Special Case//Etos Nauki". Moscow, 2008 (co-author S. Mikhailina)
  • Mankind's Degeneration - Is It a Reality or Illusion? // Health as the Problem of Natural and Biomedical Sciences // "Filosofia Nauki", publ. 13. Moscow, 2008.
  • Problem of Human Nature in Modern Genomic Researches // Philosophy of Nature Today. Moscow, 2009.
  • Preservation of Cultural Diversity of National Minorities as the Problem of "Quality Demography// Russia: Diversity of Cultures and Globalisation. Moscow, 2010.
  • About Influence of Globalisation upon Human Constitution // Interaction of Cultures in Conditions of Globalisation. Moscow, 2010.
  • Discoveries in Biology and Their Interpretation in Culture // Sciences about Life and Modern Philosophy. Moscow, 2010.
  • Satanism in Strategies of Surviving// Strategies of Surviving: Cosmism and Ecology. Moscow, 2010.
  • Globalisation as the Factor of Homo Sapiens Evolution // Globalisation and the Problem of Preservation of Cultural Diversity. Moscow, 2010.
  • Is Darwinism the Basis of Materialistic World Outlook? // Ch.Darwin and Modern Biology. St. Petersburg, 2010.
  • Darwinism as the World Picture // Idea of Evolution in Biology and Culture. Moscow, 2011.
  • The philosophical bases of ecological education during an era of nanotechnologies// Ed. I.K.Liseev. — M: "Canon+", 2014.
  • V.I.Vernadsky's philosophical ideas and present. The collection of articles and materials of the conference devoted to the 150 anniversary of V.I.Vernadsky. Moscow. On March 25-26, 2013, Institute of philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Reports, theses, performances.

  • Bases of a true humanism: problems and prospects of liberalization of eugenics//Dialogue of cultures in the conditions of globalization: Materials Beacon. forum, посвящ. G. Aliyev's memories. M, 2012. Page 569-574.
  • Ethical examination of innovatics in genetic engineering//the 6th Materials. scientific conf. "Philosophical problems of biology and medicine". M, 2012. Page 245-247.
Scientific-organisation work


 Head Deputy of Bio- and Echophilosophy Centre; Member of Department Council.
Main Scientific Results

Philosophical Analysis of Eugenic Concept