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Elena Osipova

Elena Osipova


1927, Moscow


  • 1950 – graduated from the Moscow State Lomonosov University, Department of Philosophy;
  • 1954 – postgraduate courses, Moscow State Lomonosov University, Chair of History of Foreign Philosophy.


Academic degree and rank

  • Doctor of Philosophic Sciences
  • Docent, Moscow State Lomonosov University,
  • Department of Philosophy (1977);
  • 1954 – Candidate of Science thesis “Philosophy of Hugo Collątaj. From the History of Philosophy of Enlightenment in Poland”.
  • 1974 – Doctor of Science thesis “Sociology of Emile Durkheim. Analysis of Theoretical and Methodological Conceptions”.
  • 1995 – full member of the Russian Academy of Social Sciences


Research interests

History of Western sociopolitical doctrines.


Elena Osipova studies the problems of the philosophy and sociology of power and personality, as well as theoretical problems of the philosophy of politics. Her works include studies in the history of philosophy and sociology in Poland, history of sociology in Western Europe and the USA, sociopolitical conceptions of liberalism and conservatism in the West and in Russia. While studying Polish philosophy and sociology Elena Osipova was analyzing tendencies which, on the one hand, drew them closer to the philosophy and sociology in the West and in Russia and, on the other hand, expressed their specificity in the national cultural and historical environment. In the analysis of Western sociology the main focus was in revealing the positive contribution of different schools and ideas in the development of science. The E. Osipova’s philosophic and sociological analysis of power, personality and other notions reveals their social nature and their place in the system of social relations.


In the present time, the main directions of E. Osipova’s scientific activity are the study of social and sociopolitical processes in the formation of a new social reality under the conditions of the transition from industrial to digital stage in the development of contemporary civilization; relations between social structure of society and personality in changing world.   



  • 1956–1969 – Institute of Philosophy of the USSR Academy of Sciences (from 1961 – Senior Researcher);
  • 1963–1973 – Institute of Sociological Research of the USSR Academy of Sciences;
  • 1973–1985 – Senior Researcher, Scientific Council for the Problems of Foreign Ideological Trends at the Section of Social Sciences of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences;
  • 1985–present – Leading Researcher, Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 

Scientific Advising

6 Candidates of Science and 1 Doctor of Science



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