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  Vladimir V. Milkov
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Vladimir V. Milkov

Русскоязычная версия страницы

Мильков Владимир Владимирович 

Year and place of birth                    


1951, Tomsk




ResearcherID: A-6236-2017

ORCID: 0000-0001-7382-4447   РИНЦ




State Teacher's Training Institute of Novgorod





D.Sc. in Philosophy

Field of Studies

Spiritual and Material Culture of Medieval Russia 


Professional appointments

Leading Research Fellow at IPhRAS 



The Divisions, belonged under the Medieval Russian Philosophical Thought in the Tutorial "History of Russian Philosophy". M., 2001 


Research projects

Publication of the Monuments of Medieval Russian Philosophy 


Main publications


  • Luka Zhidiata: missionary, writer, thinker. M., 2016. (Co-authors - I. Gerasimova, S. Milkova).
  • Innermost Knowledge of the Ancient Russia. M., 2015. (Co-authors - I. Gerasimova, R. Simonov).
  • Kirik of Novgorod: Scholar and Thinker. M., 2011. (Co-author - R. Simonov).
  • Cosmological Works in the Ancient Russia. Parts 1-2. SPb., 2008-2009.
  • Metropolitan Nikephoros. SPb., 2007. (Co-authors - A. Makarov, S. Milkova, S. Polyansky).
  • Old-Russain Cosmology. M., 2004. (Co-authors - S. Polyansky, R. Simonov, I. Denisova, A. Grigoriev).
  • Pseudo-Dionysius  the Areopagite in the Old Russia. M., 2002. (In co-authorship with A. Makarov, A. Smirnova).
  • The Shestodnev of John the Exarch. M., 2001. (In co-authorship with G. Barankova).
  • The Ideological Courses of Ancient Russian Thought. SPb., 2001 (In co-autorship with Mikhail N. Gromov).
  • Conception of History in Old Russia. M, 2000.
  • Ancient Russian Apocrypha. SPb., 1999.
  • The Ancient Russia: the Intersection of Tradition. M., 1997. (In co-authorship with M. Neborsky, S. Milkova, G. Barankova).

Selected articles:

  • Apocryphal Cycle about King Solomon in the Palea // Palaiorwsia: en cronw, en proswpw, en eidei. Vol. 2 (12) 2019.
  • The Political Element in Luka Zhidiata's moral sermon // Palaiorwsia: en cronw, en proswpw, en eidei. Vol. 1(11), 2019.
  • Religious and philosophical originality of the conceptual foundations of the Explained Palea // Palaiorwsia: en cronw, en proswpw, en eidei. Vol. 1 (9), 2018.
  • Rationality in the ancient Rus culture // Ideas and Ideals. Vol. 2, №4 (38), 2018. (co-author)
  • Genesis of the rationality in the old Russian book: from the sensual image to the abstract concept // Russian Journal of Philosophical Sciences. №6, 2018. (co-author)
  • The Teaching of Luka Zhidyata: ideological and religious originality and political background // Language and Text. Vol. 5. №5, 2018.
  • The anthropological concept of “dioptra” by Philip Monotropos: ontological originality // Bulletin of Slavic Cultures. Vol. 47. №1, 2018.
  • The religious foundations of vVadimir Monomakh's political attitudes and the cases of deviation from them // Palaiorwsia: en cronw, en proswpw, en eidei. Vol 8, 2017.
  • The political background of the moral code in Luka Zhidiata’s “Sermon” and its ideological and religious authenticity // Kirik of Novgorod and culture of ancient Russia. Veliky Novgorod. 2017.
  • Luca the second bishop of Novgorod and legacy of his thought // Kirik of Novgorod and culture of ancient Russia. Veliky Novgorod. 2017.
  • Medicinal themes in the book-learning of ancient Russia // Phycology and psychotechnology. 2016. № 2. (co-author)
  • The worldview in "Tolkovaya Palea" // Bulletin of Slavic cultures. 2016. Vol. 41. № 3.
  • Ancient Russian ideas about the world beyond // Russia XXI. 2015. № 5.
  • Ancient Russian monasticism and its attitude toward ailments // Journal of Slavic cultures. 2015. № 2 (36).
  • The role of the church in social cohesion in the crucial moments of national history / Russia on the path of consolidation: Proc. SPb., 2015.
  • Folk medicine in ancient Russia // Psychology and psychotechnique. 2015. № 3 (75).
  • Sergiy Radonezhsky. Rassian path to solidarity // Quaestio Rossica. 2014. № 3.
  • The sources of antropology of "Tolkovaya Palea" // History of philosophy. 2014. № 19.
  • Noumenal in the Phenomenal. On the role of the Slavs in the dissemination of this circle of ideas in Rus / / Russia and the Slavs: the dialogue of cultures. Tver, 2013.
  • Luca Zhidyata and Hilarion of Kiev. Features of Creativity in line with Church policy of Yaroslav / / Spiritual moral foundations of literary texts: Traditions and Prospects. Moscow, 2013.
  • His monument city / / Moscow magazine. History of the Russian State. 2013. № 11 (275).
  • Origins of scholarship of Kirik of Novgorod / / R. A. Simonov. Kirik of Novgorod - Russian scientist of XII century in the Russian culture. Moscow, 2013.
  • Whether the philosophy been in ancient Russia? / / Website of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2/11/2012.
  • The heritage of Kirik from Novgorod (To the 900th anniversary of ancient scholar and thinker) / / Epistemology and Philosophy of Science. T. XXVII. Number 1. 2011.
  • Homily of Luka Zhidyata - the oldest Russian sermon / / Journal of Slavic cultures. M., 2012. № 4 (27).
  • Information on ancient Russian philosophy in the "Chronicle" of Georges Hamartolos / / History of Russian-Greek relations and perspectives of their development in the XXI century. Moscow, 2010.
  • The concept of small actions in Old Russia (one of the features of the moral and ethical consciousness of Russian Middle Ages) / / Philosophical magazine. № 1 (4). 2010. 



Scientific Secretary of academical Serie "Monuments of Religion-Philosophical Thought of Old Russia"