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  Irina A. Katsapova
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Irina A. Katsapova

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Irina Katsapova

Year and place of birth
September 10, 1958, Kursk.


Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University (MSU)., 1988.




Ph.D. in Philosophy, 09.00.05 - ethics.


Professional appointments

  • Chief research fellow of IphRAS
  • Institute of Advanced Training and retraining of teachers at State Academic Universiry of Humanitarian Sciences. Head of educational and methodological department in the fields of "Philosophy" and "Political Science".


Preparation, organization of courses and work with documentation.
A program "Political Philosophy and civilizational choice of Russia" for the teachers of training courses (approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation).



  •  Philosophical outlook of P.I. Novgorodtsev . M.: IphRAS, 2007.  (co-authored with S. Bazhov)



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