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Nadezhda Kasavina

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Nadezhda Kasavina

Nadezhda Kasavina (Kalyuzhnaya)  Alexandrovna



Office: Moscow 119992, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Volkhonka 14/5. 



Research interests: philosophical and social anthropology, existential philosophy, philosophy and sociology of culture.



Professional education: Astrakhan’ State University, the Department of Pedagogics and Psychology with a minor “Sociology” (1995-2000). Postgraduate studies at the Volgograd State Pedagogical University (2002-2004). PhD (2004, Volgograd State University). Title of the dissertation: “Faith in the formation of a personal mind: philosophical-anthropological approach”.



Professional activity:

  • 2011 – Senior Research Fellow of the Center for Study of Social and Cultural Alteration (Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences).
  • 2000–2005 – Assistant Professor at the Chair of Sociology of Astrakhan State University
  • 2008–2011 – Associate Professor at the Chair of Sociology and Management of Social Processes at the Academy of Labor and Social Relations (Moscow). Curriculum: “Sociology of labor”, “Methods of Science”.
  • 2005–2008 – Associate Professor at the Chair of Sociology of the Astrakhan State University.  Curriculum: “General Sociology”, “Social anthropology”, “Sociology of religion”, “Sociology of mind”, “Sociology of personality”. Part time tenure at the Chair of Philosophy of Astrakhan State University: “General Philosophy”, “Ethics”, “Aesthetics”.


Over 60 publications

Selected works



  • Folk culture: strategies of conservation of national identity. Astrakhan, Astrakhan State University, 2010. 264 p. (co-authors: Bocharnikova I.S., Kulibaba S.I.).
  • Existential basis and social-psychological aspects of adaptation of the indigenous population to migratory situation. Astrakhan, Astrakhan State University, 2010. 219 p. (co-authors: Vinokurova L.I., Dodu Y.I.).

Papers (selected):

  • Reason, Passions, Existence (Reflections on D. Hume’s Philosophy) // «David Hume and Modern Philosophy». International Conference Proceedings. V. 3. Moscow, 2011. P. 46–51.
  • Existential Shifts at the Interface of Classic and Non-Classic (the Case of Social Studies) // Philosophy and Culture, 2011, № 12. P. 39–49.
  • Сross-roads of existential quest (on the novel Of Human Bondage by S. Maugham) // Man, 2011, №1. P. 76–83.
  • Existential experience: social and epistemological analysis // Social Epistemology: Ideas, Methods, Programs / Edited by I.T. Kasavin. Moscow, 2010. P. 179–192.
  • Philosophical analysis of experience: existential aspects // Problems of Philosophy, 2009, №9. С. 164–170.
  • Axiological aspects of faith // Philosophy and Culture, 2008. № 2. P. 43–60.
  • Structure of faith as an anthropological phenomenon // Epistemology & Philosophy of Science. № 4, 2007. С. 232–240.
  • The problem of faith in classical epistemology // Bulletin of Astrakhan State Technical University. № 5, 2007. P. 21–24.
  • The problem of faith in context of trust to knowledge agent // Human Studies, № 1, 2007. P. 5–10.
  • Fanaticism: personal and group features // Philosophical Sciences, №9, 2007. P. 66–81.
  • The role of tacit knowledge in human cognition // General Problems of Philosophy of Science. Astrakhan, Astrakhan State Technical University. 2006. P. 78–89.