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Department of the History of Russian Philosophy

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Head of the Department - Leading Research Fellow, Ph.D. in Philosophy Anatoly V. Chernyaev.



The department's brief history


Department of the russian philosophy was founded after World War II under the name «Department of the History of the USSR nation's Philosophy». Vasiliy E. Evgrafov was its first head in 1958-1982. Under his leadership was realized fundamental project of preparation and publication of «The history of philosophy of USSR» in в 5 volumes (1968-1988). Later Department was remaned in «Department of the History of philosophy and atheism in USSR» and leaded by Andrei D. Sukhov (1982-1992). Department found present name in 1989. In 1992-2013 Mikhail N. Gromov was its head. In the years of 1990-2000 Department's research fellows took active part in the process of russian philosophical thought's return in the intellectual public space. They created some of the first resumptive monographs on russian philosophy and a number of monographs, that representing and analyzing philosophic works of individual thinkers. Department's scholars made their contribution on preparation of volumes a series «From the History of national philosophical thought»  the joint project of "Problems of Philosophy" journal, Institute of Philosophy of USSR Academy of Sciences and Philosophical Society of USSR (volumes consecrated to Mikhail A. Bakunin and Pavel I. Novgorodsev), they had other publication activities. Department's research fellows took aggressive part in creation of  encyclopaedia «Russian Philosophy» edited by Mikhail A. Maslin. Since 2011 seminar «Problems of the Study of Russian Thought» working on the basis of Department of the History of Russian Philosophy (director - A.V. Chernyaev). The purposes of the seminar are professional discussions on relevant issues of the history of Russian philosophical thought and public disclosure of recent scientific achievements in the indicated fields of research.

Since 2013 Department headed by Anatoly V. Chernyaev.



The main fields of research


The Subject of the Departmen according to the public task in 2014-2017: «Fundamental investigations on the history of russian philosophy: origins, methodology, publications» (№ 0156-2014-0034).


Department realizes studies in the wide field of scientific problems and large chronological scope: from the period of Old Russia till Modern Epoch of the History of Russian Philosophical Thought. Particularly, Mikhail N. Gromov specializing in problems of Medieval Russian Thought; Sergei I. Bazhov, Irina V. Borisova, Vladimir V. Sidorin - in Russian Philosophy of XIX century; Alexandra Y. Berdnikova, Alexander S. Tsygankov, Kseniya V. Vorozhikhina and Anatoly V. Chernyaev occupied in Russian Religious Philosophy of XX century; Sergei N. Korsakov - in history of Soviet philosophy. Scholars of the Department are involved in close cooperation with leading representatives of related science: History, Philology, study of Art & Religious studies.


The department's chief aims and problems of research activity are

  • realization of fundamental source study and conceptual investigations on the history of russian philosophy;
  • study of genesis, evolution, typology and specificity of russian philosophy, its place and significance in the culture;
  • search and analysis of sources on the history of russian philosophy in russian and foreign funds;
  • scientific preparation and publication of russian philosophical thought's monuments;
  • study of russian thinkers creative biographies, ideologic and social correlations and interferences of russian thinkers;
  • comparative analysis of russian thinker's conceptions in the world historical and philosophical context;
  • actual interpretation and actualization of russian philosophy's heritage.



Visiting Research Fellows:




Last years books of department fellows:

  • Tsygankov A.S., Obolevich T. Dutch episode in the philosophical biography of S.L. Frank (new materials). M.: IPhRAS, 2020;
  • Gennady Alexandrovich Svechnikov / Ed. by S.N. Korsakov, L.A. Kalashnikov. M.: IPhRAS, 2019;
  • Piama Pavlovna Gaydenko / Ed. by S.N. Korsakov, L.A. Kalashnikov. M.: IPhRAS, 2019;
  • Russia and Turkey: Dialogue of philosophers / Ed. by A.V. Chernyaev. M.: Gnosis, 2019;
  • Tsygankov A.S., Obolevich T. The German period of philosophical biography of S.L. Frank (new materials). M.: IPhRAS, 2019;
  • Georgyi Lukich Smirnov / Ed. by S.N. Korsakov, E.G. Krivykh, L.A. Kalashnikov. M.: IPhRAS, 2018;
  • Speyr A. von. The Secret of Death / Transl. by A.S. Tsygankov. M.: BBI, 2018;
  • Tsygankov A.S. The history of ancient Russian spiritual culture of the X – XVII centuries. M.: Integration: Education and Science LLC, 2018;
  • Ehlen P. Ontology and Anthropology of S.L. Frank / Foreword, trans. and comment. by A.S. Tsygankov. M.: IPhRAS, 2017;

Publications of the previous years


Department participates in publication of periodical «The history of philosophy. Historico-philosohical journal». The following fascicles were edited by departments fellows:

№ 2. М.: IPhRAS, 1998; № 4. М.: IPhRAS, 1999№ 6. М.: IPhRAS, 2000; № 9 М.: IPhRAS, 2002; №16. М.: IPhRAS, 2011; №19. М.: IPhRAS, 2014; Т. 21 № 1. М.: IPhRAS, 2016.


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International connections

Department maintains scientific connections with Institut of Philosophy of National Academia of Science (Ukraine), philosophical department of Belarussian university (Minsk), universities in Grodno, Vitebsk, Brest (Belarussia), Prešov (Slovakia), Krakow (Poland). Joint scientific conferences, round-table discussions are realizing, joint books are publishing.




Address: room 316, Goncharnaya 12/1, Moscow, 109240, Russian Federation.

Tel.: (495) 697-91-28.