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  Mikhail N. Gromov
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Mikhail N. Gromov

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Mikhail N. Gromov



Year and place of birth


1943, Kostroma




Degree & Title


The Faculty of Philosophy MSU (1972)

D.Sc. in Philosophy, Professor



Doctor of Science Dissertation: The Structure and Typology of the Russian Medieval Philosophy (1992)

Ph.D. Dissertation: The Ancient Russian Philosophy of XI-XVII centuries (1977)


Field of Studies

The History of Russian Philisophy and Culture in the European Context


Professional appointments

  • Chief Research Fellow at IPh RAS;
  • Professor of the State Academy of Slavonic Culture;
  • Invited Professor of the State University of Novgorod.

University courses


  • The Russian Philosophy of XI-XVIII centuries;
  • The Problem of Human in the History of Russian Culture.
  • Introduction: The Begining of Russian Philosophy // A History of Russian Philosophy: From the Tenth Trough the Twentieth Centuries/ Buffalo, USA, 1994;
  • The History of Russian Philosophical Thought // The History of Philosophy: West-Russia-East. Part 1-4. Moscow, 1995-1998;
  • The Russian Philosophical Thought of XI-XVIII centuries // The History of Philosophy: A Programme for advanced study. Moscow, 2002.
Research projects
  • The Ideological courses of Ancient Russian Thought (RFH, 2000);
  • Philosophical and Theological Thought in the Context of Ancient Russian Culture (RFH, 2003);
  • The Philosophical Content of Ancient Russian Chronicle (RFH, 2006).
Latest Articles
  • Feminity in History of Russian Thought, Culture and Art // History of Philosophy. 2016. Vol. 21, no 1, pp. 5-17.
  • Portrait of Michail Lomonosov on the background of the XVIII century. // Creativity of Michail Lomonosov and Russian culture of New time: a collection of articles. M., 2014.
  • The image of Wisdom in Russian philosophy and culture // History of Philosophy. № 19. 2014.
  • Apologist and the Prisoner of freedom // Philosophical Sciences. 2014. № 4.
  • The Fate of Philosophy in Russia: a typological analysis / / Russian philosophical thought in Rus, in Russia and abroad: Collection of scientific articles devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Department of History of Russian Philosophy of Moscow State University / Editors: V.A.Kuvakin, M.A.Maslin. Moscow, 2013
  • Sophian Tradition in Russian Philosophy and Culture / / Bulletin of the Slavic Culture. 2013. Number 2.
  • Philosopher - means Educator. Why is it called a "Philosopher" the first Teacher of Slavs Constantine-Cyril / / Moscow magazine. Appendix. Glorious feat of first teachers. M., 2013.
  • Russian Thought at the Context of World Philosophy / / Bulletin of Moscow State University. Series 7. Philosophy. 2013. Number 6.
  • The Bell of Russian Thought / / Alexander Herzen and Historical Fate of Russia. Moscow: "Canon+", 2013.
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  • About the naming as a Philosopher of Slavonic teacher Constantine-Kyrill / / Slavonic philology collection. No. II. M., 2012.
  • Genesis and typology of domestic civilization / / Youth - Culture - Politics: historical memory and civilizational choice. M., 2012.
  • The drama of life and thought of Leo Tolstoy / / Leo Tolstoy in motion of epochs: the philosophical, religious and moral heritage aspects of the thinker and artist. Proceedings of the International Tolstoy's forum.Ch. II. M., 2011.
  • Philosophical potential of Russia / / Russia's wealth. Moscow: Kalenda, 2012.
  • Kant΄s influence on Russian thought // Kantovsky sbornik. Selected articles. 2008-2009. Kaliningrad: Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University Press. 2011.
  • Russian studies, ethnography and neo-Enlightenment / / Digital Culture and a phenomenon of neo-Enlightenment. M., 2011.
  • Unity of the world and the diversity of cultures / / The Problems of Philosophy. Number 9. 2011.
  • The doctrine of the Holy Trinity in Old Russia / / History: gift and duty. Festschrift in honor of A. Nazarenko. Moscow, 2010.
  • The global crisis and national identity / / Slavic world in the third millennium. Moscow, 2010.
  • Two-Faced Janus / / Problems of Philosophy. Number 12. 2010.
  • Historical traditions and current status of the Russian educational system / / Christian culture and the Slavic world. Moscow, 2010.