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The Head of the Department – Ph.D. Ekaterina V. Petrova

The center bio- and ecophilosophy – conducting integrating Center on research of problems of philosophy of life both at Institute of Philosophy, and in Russia and behind its limits

Many years under different names scientists of the Center investigated the named problematic in all its variety.

At the first stages of the existence the attention of researchers has been concentrated to discussion of philosophical problems of separate biological disciplines:

Philosophical problems of the evolutionary theory,

Philosophical problems of molecular biology, genetics etc.

Then, realizing importance, but simultaneously and insufficiency of the similar approach, we have addressed to statement and the analysis of complex problem that in which frameworks more widely and deeply specificity of biological knowledge of a context as general scientific and social and cultural determinant of development of modern biology revealed. Among these projects:

«Biology and modern scientific knowledge»

«Interaction of methods of natural sciences in life knowledge»

«Ways of integration biological and social and humanitarian knowledge», etc.

Therefore in 90th years of the XX-th century in Sector of philosophy of biology of Institute of philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences the new research program offering a complete sight at all modern philosophy of biology has been planned: «the Philosophical analysis of the bases of biology».

Substantial realization of this project has been carried out in five books published following the results of research:

«Nature of biological knowledge» 1991,

"Biophilosophy" 1997, «Life as value» 2000,

«Biology Methodology: new ideas» 2001,

«Biology and culture» 2004.

In this unique edition complex, system consideration of a modern problematics of philosophy of biology is spent. In a series are analysed ontological, informative, valuable, aspects of social and cultural development of modern sciences about life.

The new research project of the Center «Sciences about life and modern philosophy» also is calculated on the publication of some works in which it is analyzed changes of philosophical knowledge under the influence of calls of modern sciences going from development about life. Per 2011 the book «Idea of evolution in biology and culture» is published. In it value of transformations in understanding of evolution in biology and culture for functioning of modern philosophical knowledge is considered.

In 2011 the long-term project of the international cooperation of the Center with scientists and philosophers of Poland is finished. «Nature philosophy today».

Results of five years' research work of this collective are brought in 2008 by the publication in English books «Philosophy of nature today», in 2009 г – the Russian edition of the book «Nature Philosophy Today» and two editions of the book in the Polish language in 2010 and 2011 «Filozofia przyzody dzis». The Group of authors opens necessity of formation of new philosophy of the nature meeting diverse requirements of today.


The basic directions of researches:

  • Biology and ecology philosophy;
  • Philosophy of social knowledge;
  • Global problems of civilization.






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