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  Andrey Ballaev
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Andrey Ballaev

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Andrey Ballaev

Year and place of birth

Ryazan, 1944






Doctor of Philosophy, 1975, Saint Petersburg State University ("Search of problems in philosophycal research"


Professional appointments

Senior Research Fellow


Field of specialization

-    Researches of philosophy of Karl Marx

-    Political philosophy of Marxism

Lecture courses 

A course of lectures on the Marx's philosophy

 Learning and teaching workings 

  • "Hegelians of the first half of XIX century. Philosophies of Ludwig von Feuerbach and Karl Marx, 2012
  • "History of philosophy. Extend learning program", 2002
  • "History of Western philosophy", 1998 (textbooks for students)
  • "History of philosophy. East to Russia", 1996 (textbooks for students)
  • "Introduction to philosophy", 1989 (textbooks for students)

  The Main Publications
  • Marx reflective - Мoscow, 2015.
  •  Reading Marx. The Historic and Philosophical Essays - Мoscow, 2004.
  •  Karl Marx's Philosophy and Ideology of Marxism. A course of lectures - Мoscow, 1993.

Research Papers, Articles in Journals and Book Chapters

  •   Le marxisme dans la Russie contemporain // Revue phlosophique de la France et de l’etranger № 2. Avril-Juin, 2013.
  • Social criticism in Marx's work // The Politic and Philosophical  Almanac, 2012.
  • Karl Marx about Hegel's philosophy of Low. The Politic and Philosophical  Almanac,  2011.
  • The Philosophy of History of Marx: Reconstruction and Hopes. Logos №2, 2011.
  • The Problem of "middle classes" in Marx's Political Philosophy. The Politic and Philosophical Almanac, 2009.
  • «The Early Capitalism» and the prospects of the Social State // The Politic and Philosophical  Almanac, 2010.
  • «Burgergeselshaft» in Marx's Philosophy // The Almanac on Political Philosophy, 2008.
  • Marx and Socialism of an Industrial society // Socialism in the postindustrializm perspective  М, 1999.
  • K.Marx and M.Shtirner. Dispute on Hierarchy. Karl Marx and Modern Philosophy // The collection of materials of scientific conference to the 180 anniversary from the date of K.Marx's birth in Russian Academy of Sciences. Institute of Philosophy, 1998.