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  Post-Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies
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Post-Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies

Head of the Department – Galina Viktorovna Gorokhova; Senior Research Assistant – Galina Georgievna Koroleva


Postgraduate and postdoctoral studies are offered for the following specialty titles:


09.00.01 – Ontology and the Theory of Knowledge

09.00.03 – History of Philosophy

09.00.04 – Aesthetics

09.00.05 – Ethics

09.00.07 – Logic

09.00.08 – Philosophy of Science and Technology

09.00.11 – Social Philosophy

09.00.13 – Religious Studies, Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Culture

23.00.01 – Political Theory, History and Methodology of Political Science

23.00.02 – Political Institutions, Ethnopolitical Conflictology, National and Political Processes and Technologies

23.00.04 – Political Problems of International Relations and Global Development


The institute has five thesis evaluation committees for the candidate (PhD) and doctoral (DSc) degrees.