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Ruben G. Apressyan




Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow Lomonosov State University, 1976.




  • Dr. Sc., Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1993,
  • Cand. Sc. Philosophy [Ph.D.], Moscow State University, 1979. 



  • Professor, 2000,
  • Senior Research Scholar, 1989.





  • Head, Department of Ethics, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow: 1994 – present;
  • Senior Research Fellow, Sector of Ethics, Institute of Philosophy: 1987–1994;
  • Assistant Professor; Research Fellow, Chair of Ethics, Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University: 1980–1987.



  • Associate Fellow, The Center for Aplied Ethics, Tiumen State University for Oil and Gas: 2003 – present;
  • Part-time Professor, Novgorod Yaroslav the Wise State University: 2003 – 2015;
  • Half-time Professor, Chair of Ethics, Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow Lomonosov State University: 1996 – present.
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  • Honorary Doctor, Uppsala University (Sweden), 2012.
  • State Academic Fellowship: 1994–1996, 1997–1999, 2000–2002.



  • Ethics.
  • Normative Ethics.
  • Genealogy of Morality.
  • The History of Modern Ethics.
  • Philosophy of Love. The History of Ideas.
  • Ethics: Introductory Course.
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  • Member, Science Advisory Council, Stockholm Environment Institute, 2017 – presetn;Vice-Chair UNESCO Ad Hoc Expert Group (AHEG) For The Declaration on The Ethical Principles in Relation to Climate Change, 2016–2017;Member of the General Committee, Higher Attestation Commission of Russian Federation, 2016 – present;
  • Member, Advisory Board, Uppsala Centre  for Russian and Eurasian Studies, 2011 – present.
  • Member, UNESCO Working Group on the Ethics of Climate Change, 2008–2011;
  • Member, Expert Counsel for Philosophical Sciences and Sociology, The Higher Qualification Commission of the Russian Federation, 2006–2013;
  • Member, Russian Committee for Bioethics, 2006–2013;
  • Member, UNESCO World Commission for the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology, 2004–2011;
  • Expert, Russian Foundation for Humanities, since 1995. 
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and Grants


  • Moral Normativity: Sources, Nature, Forms of Representation (group research project, director), – Russian Foundation for Humanities, 2014–2016;
  • Genesis of Morality in Archaic Society (Homer Study) – Russian Foundation for Humanities, 2010–2012;
  • Visiting Fellow, The Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study, 2010.
  • Philosophy and Ethics (group research project, director), – Russian Foundation for Humanities, 2007–2008.
  • Public Morality: Research Methods, Normative-ethical, and Applied-ethical Issues. Russian Belorussian research project (group project, director), – Russian Foundation for Humanities, 2006–2007. 
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  • Istorija etiki novogo vremeni: Lektsii i statji (History of Modern Ethics: Lectures and Papers). Мoscow, Direct-Media, 2014, 325 p.
  • Nravoperemena Akhilla. Istoki morali v arkhaicheskom obschestve. Na material gomerovskogo obschestva (Achilles’ Moral Change: The Sources of Morality in Archaic Society. A Study on the Homeric Epic). Мoscow, Alfa-M, 2013. 223 p. (Summary and Contents). 
  • Etika: Uchebnik (Ethics: Textbook for Universitites). Moscow, Gardariki, 1998, 478 p. (with A.A.Guseynov).
  • Ideia morali (The Idea of Morality). Moscow, Institute of Philsophy, 1995, 354 p.
  • Ethical Principles of Science Activity: Analytical Review and Draft Declaration for CIS). St.-Petersburg: Paster NIIEM Publishers, 2011. – 36 p. – (with: Boris Yudin and Olga Kubar).
  • Ed. O prave lgat’ (Towards the Right to Lie) Мoscow: ROSSPEN, 2011. 390 p. 
  • Ed. Etika i Ekologia (Ethics and Ecology), Novgorod Velikiy: NovMION, 2010, 368 p. 
  • Ed. Obschestvennaya moral: filosofskie, nrmativno-eticheskie I prikladnye problem (Public Morality: Philosophical, Normative-ethical, and Applied Issues). Мoscow: Alpha-М, 2009. – 496 p.
  • Ed. Filosofia i etika: K 70-letiju professor Abdusalama Abdulkerimovicha Guseynova (Philosophy and Ethics: Festschift devoted to the 70th Anniversary of Professor Abdusalam Guseynov). Moscow, Alpha-M, 2009. –798 p.
  • Ed. Nasilie i nenasilie: Filosofia, politika, etika: Materialy elektronnoj konferencii (Violence and Nonviolence: Philosophy, Politics, Ethics: Proceedings of E-conference), Мoscow: MIOS, 2002, 192 p.
  • Ed. [with Bruno Coppiters, Nick Fotion] Moral Constraints of War: Principles and Cases. Moscow, Gardariki, 2002. 408 p.
  • Ed. Etika: Encyclopedicheskiy slovar’(Ethics: Encyclopedic Dictionary), Moscow, Gardariki, 2001, 815 p. (with A.A.Guseynov).
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Papers and Talks




  • "Modern Moral Philosophy On Its Way to a Specified Concept of Morality". – German-Russian Project Workshop “The Concept of Morality in Modern Ethics”. (Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel, Germany, 8–9.11.2016).
  • "Phenomenology of Reciprocity in Homer Epic". – The 3d Meeting of Russian and Turkish Philosophers “Philosophy and Literature”  - Suleyman Shah Üniversitesi, Istanbul, Turkey, 25–26.05. 2015).
  • “The Concept of Civil Society: Contemporary Challenges”. – International Conference “Social Thought in Today Ukraine”, - Kyiv, Ukraine, 14.10. 2014.
  • “Moral Sense and the Agent’s Autonomy in Francis Hutcheson”. – The Third International Seminar of the Mediterranean Society for the Study of the Scottish Enlightenment  “Scottish Enlightenment and Freedom», – Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey, 28–30.05. 2014.
  • “Towards a Core Understanding of Morality”. – The 23d World Philosophical Congress, Athens, 4–10.08.2013.
  • “Two paradigms in philosophy of love”. – The 23d World Philosophical Congress, Athens, 4–10.08.2013.
  • “The Genesis of the Golden Rule». – Therology Deaprtment Seminar, Uppsala University, Sweden, 24.01.2013.
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