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The Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS Institute of Philosophy) is the principal institute in Russia for academic research in this field. Academic study of the highest quality is pursued here, covering all the main thematic areas and current problems of contemporary philosophy.


In the Institute of Philosophy there are working at the present time more than 280 academic collaborators, among whom are many famous scholars of world class, including nine fellows of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The fact that they all work as a single academic team and form a single collaborative academic society makes the Institute unique among philosophical institutions. The members of the Institute produce each year more than 100 books and above 1000 articles. The integration of academic work and education is successfully realized: faculties of philosophy and politics have been created within the Institute, as well as an Oriental department within the Faculty of Philosophy in the State University for the Humanities. The professorial and teaching staffs of these faculties and of the Oriental Department is made up principally from the academic fellows of the Institute. The students enjoy a unique opportunity to work at the cutting edge of research in the fields of philosophy, politics and the study of oriental philosophy, and also to attain competence in the principal oriental languages, Arabic, Chinese, Sanskrit and Hindi.


The international academic links of the Institute are under active development, and its activities are already widely known in many countries of the world. There is close collaboration with philosophers in the Federal Republic of Germany, the USA, France, Finland and other countries. The Institute is a member of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies. In recognition of the achievements of Russian philosophy, UNESCO had taken the decision to hold the International Philosophy Day for 2009 in Moscow, in order that this highly representative symposium may mark the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy. In 2008 the Institute was chosen for establishing a UNESCO Philosophy Chair, the only one in Russia (and twelfth in the world), under the motto of “Philosophy in the Dialogue of Cultures”.


In 2006, to the Directorship of the Institute of Philosophy was elected Abdusalam Guseinov, fellow of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a renowned expert in philosophical ethics, author of such books as Idea of the Absolute in Morals (2004), Ancient Ethics (2003), Philosophy, Morals, Politics (2002), Ethics (1998, with other authors), Great Moralists (1995), The Golden Rule of Morality (1979) and others. He has been awarded the UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Medal “For an outstanding contribution to the promotion of tolerance and non-violence” (1996) and the National State Award in Science and Technology (2003).







Institute of Philosophy (Russian Academy of Sciences) and Tibetan Culture and Information Center in Moscow invite to the International Conference “Buddhism and Phenomenology”, Moscow, November 7-8, 2016.



Moscow International Aristotle Conference 2016 “The Legacies of Aristotle as Constitutive Element of European Rationality”



Moscow International Aristotle Conference 2016 “The Legacies of Aristotle as Constitutive Element of European Rationality” organized by RAS Institute of Philosophy, RAS Insitute of World History, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Novosibirsk State University, Olympic Center for Philosophy and Culture (Athens) will take place in Moscow in October 17–19, 2016 and will be held at the RAS Institute of Philosophy. 


This event is a part of a multiple congress “Aristotle today — Aristoteles heute — Aristote aujourd’hui” which includes colloquia in different countries celebrating the anniversary of 2400 years since the birth of Aristotle. 


The 2016 MIAC comprises a 3-day program of sessions, round tables, and special lectures, covering a wide range of Aristotle-related topics, such as metaphysics, ethics, logic as well as biology, natural science etc. It will also include topics corresponding to the reception and transformation of Aristotelian tradition in later periods and cultures. We consider this conference to become the interdisciplinary forum for intellectual debate in all areas of Aristotelian tradition.






Schools of the Dialogue of Cultures, 2016



Workshop “Schools of the Dialogue of Cultures”, Rhodes, October 1, 2016

In the framework of the XIV World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” entitled “The Chaos of Multiplicity: an Urgent Call for Dialogue” (Rhodes, Greece) was held workshop “Schools of the Dialogue of Cultures” (organizer and moderator – Prof. Marietta Stepanyants). At the opening of the workshop Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (headquartered in Berlin) gave a presentation of the «Schools of the Dialogue of Cultures» project.




Marietta Stepanyants on Indian Standard Time, Avril 9, 2016.



Marietta Stepanyants on Indian Standard Time, April 9, 2016.


In conversation with Marietta Stepanyants, Former Head, Centre for Oriental Philosophies Studies, Russia.
Anchor: Siddharth Varadarajan

Rajya Sabha TV, April 9, 2016 (26 minutes).


Video (YouTube)